What’s New?

It’s been a little while since my last post and I apologize.  I’ve been super busy building something that will hopefully take me to the next level.  As you all know, I’ve partnered with The Dope Academy to help build and market my brand.  I can honestly say the progress has been steady.  I’m in a great position strategically and it’s only a matter of time before I break through.  I feel I owe all of you a big THANK YOU!  Without your solid support, I don’t think I would still be pursuing a career as an artist.  I still need you to help spread the word and let it be known that Hot Charlie is the one to rock with!

Right now I’m working on 3 different videos from “Welcome To Charliewood”.  Be on the lookout for those.  In the meantime, keep watching, sharing and commenting on my current videos.  I’m also developing a couple merchandise ideas and working on  getting some of the older music up in my online store.  Thanks to all who make purchases!  I have a few things that I’m REALLY excited to tell you, but I can’t right now.  I can tell you this, the more noise I’m making online and in the streets, the sooner you will know!   Just keep your fingers crossed and keep supporting!  Suggest the Hot Charlie Facebook fan page to all of your friends, follow Hot Charlie on Twitter and Instagram (@hotcharlie), subscribe on YouTube and become a fan on Reverbnation. I do this for all of you!

Thank you!!

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“Welcome To Charliewood” Explained

Click here to purchase “Welcome To Charliewood”

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A Letter To My Supporters

Dear Hot Charlie fans and supporters,

I’m feeling blessed right now! The release of “Welcome To Charliewood” has been more successful than I anticipated. I worked very hard on this project and it feels good to realize that the work I put in is appreciated. I know that my fan base is increasing day by day and it’s mainly because of the diligence of my supporters. The Hot Charlie brand continues to grow thanks to you and I GREATLY appreciate that. Thank you for purchasing my products. Thank you for sharing my videos. Thank you for following me on all of the social network platforms. MOST IMPORTANTLY, thank you for believing in me and what I do.

You all know that I try to keep it as personal and intimate with my fans as possible. I try to make sure there isn’t a large separation between me and my listeners. I answer emails, I interact on social networks and I communicate with fans personally. I feel like we’re in this together. Fans may like your music, but friends actually root for you to do well. I look at you as friends more than fans because I know that you want to see me succeed.

As I continue to strive toward success, I want to personally thank you and invite you to come along for the ride. Bring your friends! If they are not fans because they do not like my music, that’s ok with me; but if they are not fans because they do not know my music, then we ALL have more work to do. Let’s take this thing to another level! Again, I TRULY APPRECIATE you!

Sincerely, Hot Charlie

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What’s New?

I know it’s been a minute since my last blog post, but I’ve been working hard on the album and getting everything together for it’s release on June 25th.  Once again let me say that I appreciate the support I’ve been receiving from you all!!

Now, let me catch you up on what I’ve been doing!  We ALL know “Welcome To Charliewood” will be dropping on June 25th.  I will be hitting alot of cities promoting and spreading the word.  Don’t be surprised if you see me in your city passing out flyers, stickers, posters etc.  If you would like to help out with that, contact me.

I am also working on a new venture with a few good people called  The Dope Academy.  We ‘re gathering a special group of unique and dope individuals with drive, determination, and a variety of skill sets to form The Dope Academy.  I’m glad to be a part of it and I’m asking you to support The Dope Academy as much as you support Hot Charlie.

With that being said, The Dope Academy is dropping a mixtape called “The Dean’s List”.  I will be co-hosting this project with Fiend (formerly of No Limit Records) and it will feature new songs from both of us, as well as brand new material from industry heavyweights.  Mixed by three extraordinary DJ’s: DJ El Plaga, DJ Quinn Raynor and DJ Bell.  More details available soon!

Last but certainly not least, I will be in Clinton, IA on June 15th performing live at Grafitti Bar and Grill.  I will be performing new material from the “Welcome To Charliewood” project.  I.O.E. will also be performing as well as many other talented artists from that area.  Be sure to come out and have a good time if you’re in the area!!

Thank you ALL!!  HOT!!

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“Welcome To Charliewood” on June 25th

I am proud to announce the release of my new project “Welcome To Charliewood” on June 25th.  I got 16 tracks on there and it’s all thriller, no filler!  Razor sharp lyrics over bass heavy, trunk rattling beats!  It’s everything you expect from a Hot Charlie album and more!  I promise I got something for EVERYBODY on there.  From the streets to the club to the bedroom.  From heartfelt emotional songs to lyrical assaults against what I believe to be the garbage music of today’s hip hop industry.

Features include Lil Wil, the Dallas, Texas artist who brought you the hits “My Dougie” and “Bust It Open”; Lil Rickey, one third of the Memphis based P.B.Z. who brought you the smash hits “Bubblicious” ft. Travis Porter and “Freaky Like Madonna” ft. Gucci Mane; Dallas artist T Balla who’s currently set to release his highly anticipated mixtape “Balla Foundation”; Mr. French also from Dallas who brought you “Junky Ham” ft. Waka Flocka Flame and “Splurge” ft. Lil Flip; Memphis artist Yung Skeet; and Arkansas finest B.T.I.A. (Been Through It All)

I appreciate all the support I receive from all my loyal and dedicated fans!!  If you would like to recieve a promo package or would like to discuss how you can be a part of my distribution network, email me at booking@hotcharliemusic.com

Charliewood Front2

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A Call To Action

Attention Hot Charlie fans, this is a call to action!   I need you now more than EVER!  As I begin to promote my album “Welcome To Charliewood”, I realize that my reach isn’t as far as it needs to be.  I don’t have a record label giving me a promo budget.  I don’t have a marketing “machine” behind me.  But what I DO have is a passionate fan base.  That, to me, is more powerful than anything!

ACTIVE fans are responsible for turning local artists into nationally recognized stars.  ACTIVE fans create MOVEMENTS.   ACTIVE fans give credibility to artists in a market that is saturated with lackluster products.  I know that I have fans.  I wish to turn my fans into ACTIVE fans.

With that being said, I ask of you to join me in creating a REAL MOVEMENT.  Purchase my products!  Watch and re-watch my videos!  Recommend my music, videos and website to others!   Attend my shows!  Wear those T-shirts!  Let blogs, internet radio and other media outlets know about Hot Charlie!  All these things are necessary in order to create a movement.

The bottom line is this:  I am one in a billion artists trying to be heard.  People, blogs, D.J.s etc. are powered by fans.  If you demand it, they will support it!  I GREATLY appreciate all my fans and their efforts.  Now let’s take this movement to another level!

Thank You!  Hot!

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New Video ALERT!!

Check out “I Still Believe” from the forthcoming “Welcome To Charliewood” album!  Be sure to SHARE!! Watch a million times!!  Lets take this to another level!!!  Thank You!!!

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Words have always come rather naturally for me.  Not today.  Today I do not know what to say or how to feel.  I do know that after tragedy, there’s always a collective push for unity and community.  I don’t understand that.

 Why do we have to lose life and limb to feel a sense of togetherness?  Why am I your brother after a bomb goes off?  We go to war with each other every day as soon as we wake up.  Why do we compete with each other?  While we’re busy trying to keep up with the Jones’, there are people out here trying to kill you AND the Jones’.  

I have zero doubt in my mind that in a few weeks, all the “community” rhetoric will be forgotten and we will go back to being the proud, selfish and competitive people that we always have been.  Until the next tragedy, that is.

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The closer I get to wrapping up yet another album, the more excitement and anxiety begins to creep in.  Why anxiety?  I am always nervous when it comes time to present my work to the world.  It’s something that always has and always will occur. I am passionate about my work.  I love what I do.  It is very important to me to deliver high quality to my listeners.  

I do not simply choose beats, write words that rhyme, burn cd’s and put them out.  Some artists in this game can do that and be successful.  Hats off to those artists, but I am different.  Creativity, cleverness, emotion and uniqueness are things that I try to add to EVERY song that I record.  

I know that the subjects and topics in a few of my songs may not be  admirable to some, but It’s life.  My life to be specific.  I may not be speaking your language in those songs, but I can guarantee that I am in another.   I speak to, for and  about my listeners always.  Whether you’re having a hard day, or the night of your life, I have background music for you.  My album may not be the soundtrack for your life, but I got a song for the soundtrack of the moment.

I have a lot of people who reach out to me on a regular basis with comments about my music.  I ALWAYS respond because I appreciate you all.  When somebody tells me how good my music is or how I influenced them, it drives me to keep striving for greatness.  Why?  Because even if I never have the opportunity to be heard by the masses, I can still deliver  my brand of music and  be appreciated by those fans who do listen.

And that brings me back to anxiety.  Those are the people who I try so hard to satisfy with my music.  Those are the people who make me nervous.  So I hope I did a good job on this one.  It’s for you!

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New Song from “Welcome To Charliewood”

Thanks for subscribing!  As promised, I will be posting songs for you to preview.  Go to “New Music” and press the “PLAY” button!!  I hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think!!

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