Hot Charlie Teams Up with Skeez with “AMAZING” Results

Hot Charlie recently teamed with fellow IA artist Skeez for the song “Amazing“, an uplifting and motivational anthem. “Amazing” serves as a “Thank You” to Hot Charlie’s many dedicated fans who have supported him and enjoyed his music throughout his career.  “Amazing” provides a visual journey from his home town Clinton, IA to current home Memphis, TN.  This is a symbolic journey as well, as Hot Charlie sets to release “Exodus“, his final album.  “Adding Skeez to this song was a no brainer” explains Hot Charlie.  “He’s from my hometown and his grind is something everyone should take notice of”.

Exodus” will be available April 24th through all online platforms.  Pre order begins April 10th on iTunes and “Amazing” will be exclusively available to pre order customers.  


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Hot Charlie Drops “2 Thirteen” from his “Exodus” Album

2 Thirteen


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Exodus – The Final Album

Yes.  It is true.  “Exodus” will be the final album from Hot Charlie.  “Exodus” is Hot Charlie’s emotionally charged farewell to his diverse and dedicated fans.  In Hot Charlie’s words:

“With GREAT appreciation and respect, I humbly present to you: “Exodus“.  This will be my last album and mark the end of my career as a recording artist.  I am TRULY grateful for the years of support and dedication from all of my friends, fans, and supporters.  The passion that I once had for music has faded.  The climate in Rap/Hip Hop has changed and I no longer feel connected to the culture.  I have always tried my hardest to meet and surpass your expectations.  If I have failed, I apologize.  Now is the time for me to place the focus on my family and building a solid foundation for my children, so that they may have opportunities that were never afforded to me.” 

“Thank you for listening.  Thank you for helping me grow.  Thank you for allowing me to express myself and accepting me for who I am for all of these years.” 

-Hot Charlie

Press Play to listen to the Intro to “Exodus”

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NEW #AntiSucka Album Now Available!!

#AntiSucka is here!  The instant classic is available for download or CD version along with the official #AntiSucka T Shirt.  Hot Charlie brings you 16 all new tracks with features from Snootie Wild, Fiend, Mi$cellaneous, and more!  Hot Charlie also recruits production from Memphis native Red On The Beat and Dallas producer BlaccTone, who both have production credits with a laundry list of rap’s top names.  With cutting edge production, razor sharp lyrics and emotionally charged subject matter, #AntiSucka is one of Hot Charlie’s most solid releases to date.

Anti Front Jpeg

Get yours TODAY!

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They May Hate Us, But So Do We.

Mike Brown.  Trayvon Martin.  Eric Garner. That is the short list.  There are countless others.  Are you angry for what happened to them?  Why?  I guess the better question is: “Why are you NOT mad about the murder of hundreds of black youths gunned down by our own people?”  Is it OK for us to kill each other?  Is murder by another race any worse than murder by our own?

It makes me sick to my stomach to think that the young men I mentioned earlier were killed in a senseless manner.  But it makes me even more ill that I lost a young cousin today to gun violence.  Another young black kid shot him.  Where are the protestors?  Where is the anger?  No rallies?

Excuse my language, but that’s bullshit.  If Mike Brown was gunned down by another black kid, we would have never heard his name.  That makes me very sad.  Yes, we should be outraged by what happened to him and all the other victims of police brutality and racial profiling.  But we should be equally if not MORE outraged by the everyday murder of our people, by our people, in our neighborhoods.  We quite literally cannot continue to live like this.

They may hate us, but it seems to me like we hate us even more.

Just a very small piece of my opinion.

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Hot Charlie Lands Cameo In Snootie Wild’s “Yayo” Video ft. Yo Gotti

Snootie Wild and CMG Boss Yo Gotti have the internet buzzing today with the video release for “Yayo“.  “Yayo” is undoubtedly the hottest single in the south and is gaining steam across the nation.  Hot Charlie was on set and landed a cameo in the Mr. Boomtown directed clip, which is sure to land on BET’s 106 and Park and MTV Jams.  Be sure to download the hit single “Yayo” on iTunes today! 

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Hot Charlie Invades SXSW!


Hot Charlie invades SXSW with a host of other talented artists at TRDON’s SXSW Showcase.  The showcase runs March 15-16 at Touche´- 417 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701.  Hot Charlie is slated to perform Saturday at 2:40 PM and again on Sunday at 2:00 PM.  If you will be in Austin, come by and check out a dope showcase!!  Tons of free merchandise will be available from a pool of great artists!!

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Hot Charlie Lands on Yo Gotti’s Website

Hot Charlie finds himself on Yo Gotti’s Website and Facebook page in the behind the scenes clip from new CMG artist Snootie Wild’s “Yayo” video.  “Yayo” is one of the hottest singles out right now and a recent remix featuring T.I. is sure to solidify the song as a hit.  Be sure to check it out HERE.

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Hot Charlie Attends Don Trip’s “Randy Savage” Listening Session

Hot TripOn Monday I had the pleasure to attend Don Trip’s “Randy Savage” Mixtape Listening Session at Ardent Studio in Memphis.  I gotta say that Don Trip is bringing some serious heat with this one.  Also in attendance was Yo Gotti and his CMG Family.  

GottiTrip“Randy Savage” is scheduled to drop on Friday, Jan 24th on  It’s worth checking out. 



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I’d like to personally welcome you all to my newly updated site!  I hope you find the revamped site and imaging as refreshing and exciting as I do.  Along with the new look comes new music!  Right now I’m about to get busy with my new single “Lights”.  I went beyond my “normal” vision, sound, and workflow on this song, experimenting with new sounds and cutting edge production.  I’m very excited about the plan my team and I have in place to make this record a success!  As always, I will need all the support I can get, so I’m depending on all of you!!  I know you got my back!!  

To be the first to check out “Lights” exclusively on the site, just click the photo!


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