Exodus – The Final Album

Yes.  It is true.  “Exodus” will be the final album from Hot Charlie.  “Exodus” is Hot Charlie’s emotionally charged farewell to his diverse and dedicated fans.  In Hot Charlie’s words:

“With GREAT appreciation and respect, I humbly present to you: “Exodus“.  This will be my last album and mark the end of my career as a recording artist.  I am TRULY grateful for the years of support and dedication from all of my friends, fans, and supporters.  The passion that I once had for music has faded.  The climate in Rap/Hip Hop has changed and I no longer feel connected to the culture.  I have always tried my hardest to meet and surpass your expectations.  If I have failed, I apologize.  Now is the time for me to place the focus on my family and building a solid foundation for my children, so that they may have opportunities that were never afforded to me.” 

“Thank you for listening.  Thank you for helping me grow.  Thank you for allowing me to express myself and accepting me for who I am for all of these years.” 

-Hot Charlie

Press Play to listen to the Intro to “Exodus”

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