They May Hate Us, But So Do We.

Mike Brown.  Trayvon Martin.  Eric Garner. That is the short list.  There are countless others.  Are you angry for what happened to them?  Why?  I guess the better question is: “Why are you NOT mad about the murder of hundreds of black youths gunned down by our own people?”  Is it OK for us to kill each other?  Is murder by another race any worse than murder by our own?

It makes me sick to my stomach to think that the young men I mentioned earlier were killed in a senseless manner.  But it makes me even more ill that I lost a young cousin today to gun violence.  Another young black kid shot him.  Where are the protestors?  Where is the anger?  No rallies?

Excuse my language, but that’s bullshit.  If Mike Brown was gunned down by another black kid, we would have never heard his name.  That makes me very sad.  Yes, we should be outraged by what happened to him and all the other victims of police brutality and racial profiling.  But we should be equally if not MORE outraged by the everyday murder of our people, by our people, in our neighborhoods.  We quite literally cannot continue to live like this.

They may hate us, but it seems to me like we hate us even more.

Just a very small piece of my opinion.

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One comment on “They May Hate Us, But So Do We.
  1. Axel Seikola says:

    Sorry about your cousin Hot. I know i’m just a white guy, but I see you. Your absolutely right that if it had been kid versus kid we would have never heard about this. It seems overwhelmingly hopeless because even if some kids are brought up with the beliefs that you don’t or shouldn’t kill there are always going to be some that don’t give a shit and do it anyways. I just hope by educating my own kids and preaching tolerance and diversity that they can make a difference or be a part of the solution in their lifetime.

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